SICL as Your Insurance/Reinsurance Broker

Our role as your Broker may be summarized as follows;

  • We shall ensure that all risk exposures advised and/or identified are properly placed with first class insurers
  •  We shall ensure that there are no loopholes and/or overlaps in the insurance policies you may currently have in place or new ones to be arranged
  •  We shall review all policy documents provided by the insurer and make sure that to all intents and purpose they meet with your requirements
  •  We shall constantly negotiate the best terms and conditions prevalent in the International Insurance Market on your behalf
  •  We shall immediately ring to your knowledge any market information that will impact on your current and/or future Insurance requirements
  • We shall promptly service any claims you may make under the various Insurance Policies
  • We will arrange periodic meeting with you Management particularly Pre-Renewal Meeting.