SICL’s Stand on Human Capital Development

At Standard, we care for our Clientele as well as our Staff. The Human Resources Team guides Management on personnel issues, offers facilities from induction to Appraisals, Training and support Staff with good working conditions and appropriate Welfare Scheme. Our Staff generally, takes great pride in working for STANDARD INSURANCE CONSULTANTS LTD., and our reputation, integrity for being a caring and considerate Employer is well known throughout the Insurance industry.


STANDARD INSURANCE CONSULTANTS LIMITED places a great Premium on value of Staff Training. At Standard, we consider Staff Training as a foundational cornerstone of our Service Commitment to our Mutual Client and the Risk careers, Having a well trained personnel ensures that we provide a truly professional service.

Our Training Programs are Comprehensive both locally and internationally utilizing the advantage of the Best-In-Class (BIC) Trainers and Facilitators within and outside Nigeria. In addition to this, we also benefit from Training organized by our Technical Partner – WILLIS LIMITED in London in respect of Energy, Aviation & Space, Marine Hull & cargo.